the latest rumors around the iPhone 14 and the date of the next keynote

The rumors around iPhone 14 multiply. Among those circulating the most are the arrival on future iPhones ofApple many new features, including a new design, a new chip or even a super 48 megapixel camera. We go around everything we know about the iPhone 14 and some date of the next keynote.

Apple: the date of the future keynote is known!

Apple usually holds its annual event in September. This year again it will be the case. Indeed, according to the latest rumors from the corridor, the apple keynote 2022 will be held on next september 7. In the aftermath, the future flagships will be officially released the September 16.

Rumors about the iPhone 14 range: how many models will be released?

The new iPhone 14 lineup is rumored to see the disappearance of the mini version. No iPhone 14 mini so but instead, Apple would launch a iPhone 14 Max Where iPhone 14 Plus 6.7-inch, which would accompany the standard 6.1-inch iPhone 14. We would then count 4 iPhone 14 models :

  • iPhone 14 from 909 €
  • iPhone 14 Max (or More) from €1,059
  • iPhone 14 Pro from €1,259
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max from €1,359

Latest iPhone 14 news

A few days from the keynote and the presentation of the iPhone 14, information about it is flourishing on the net. According to our sources, the iPhone 14 would abandon the notch in favor of a punch.

The iPhone 14 should be equipped with a A16 processor, which would improve performance compared to the A15 of the iPhone 13. But only the Pro and Pro Max models would have it. Finally, the iPhone 14 Pro benefithave a 48 megapixel rear photo sensor.

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