The iPhone 14 Plus, Apple’s next great classic model?

The next range of iPhone should only include two different sizes with two 6.1″ models and two 6.7″ models: dissatisfied with sales of the iPhone mini, Apple would no longer produce the small diagonal of 5, 4″. Instead, there would be a very large 6.7″ model in the classic range for the first time. So what to call it? Rumors have so far spoken of iPhone 14 Max, but some leakers now refer to iPhone 14 Plus, a suffix that has not been used since the iPhone 8 Plus in 2017. We find this name on the image that comes to share DuanRui on Twitter and showing us ultra-thin cases for future models.

In any case, the images of the props confirm once again the future organization of the range, with two identical sizes in the classic and Pro ranges. At the rear, the Pro models are distinguished by their third camera, a telephoto lens, and a much larger diameter for the three sensors (they would also be more protruding). The dimensions of the block dedicated to the cameras are also once again on the rise compared to the iPhone 13 Pro and the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Comparison of iPhone 13 Pro and 14 Pro camera cases

The hulls do not allow it to be seen, but the Pro models should also be distinguished at the front by the disappearance of the notch, replaced by a new double punch system. As subcontractors start production of these new models ahead of their expected presentation in September, we could quickly see an upsurge in leaks about these future models.

This year, the classic models could receive less important advances than usual: it is rumored in particular that the Apple A16 chip could be exclusive to the Pro models while the classic models would be satisfied with an Apple A15 chip with 2 GB of RAM additional. However, this would not prevent Apple from improving the cameras, and in particular the front camera which would greatly improve in quality, as well as other more technical elements such as the adoption of Wi-Fi 6E or a new 5G modem more efficient and more energy efficient. The Pro models would have a main wide-angle camera that would increase from 12 to 48 megapixels and their OLED screen would gain the possibility of displaying certain information permanently.

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