The highly controversial Apple-1 (designed by Woz) was finally sold for $677,000!

The controversy over the Apple I that went on sale last month hasn’t deterred potential buyers. Indeed, the open sale with RR Auction has just ended and the machine is gone for the tidy sum of $677,000 !

As a reminder, some questioned the authenticity of the object. It must be said that the story around this venerable machine is a real odyssey of modern times. It is rumored that it would have marked the beginnings of Apple: it would indeed have been used by Steve Jobs to demonstrate to Paul Terrellowner of The Byte Shop, and to convince him to buy 50 units. The components would have been hand welded by Woz. In the early 1990s, the computer would have been returned to its current owner from the hands of God Steve Jobs. Listed as the No. 2 in the Apple-1 registerit would have been lost before being miraculously found.

Too good to be true, this account has been disputed by many, starting with Steve Wozniak. Anyway, it is indeed a real Apple 1, one of the first computers designed by the firm and as such, it remains a safe bet.

The highly controversial  Apple-1 (designed by Woz) was finally released.  sold for $677,000!

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