The good taste of Italian pizzas

Testarossa, Aosta, Mezzo mezzo, Vesuvio… These evocative names from Italy are just a few of the names of pizzas that you can come and taste at Goupizza among the forty references on the menu. Thus since the beginning of the summer, Sauveur Spano and Rebecca Cazas have been preparing and offering to discover a new range of pizzas made from fresh local products but above all from flour and Italian cheeses.

Sauveur Spano, of Sardinian origin, knows perfectly well the recipes of succulent pizzas but also the quality ingredients which must constitute them. After training with Rabah Zaoui, in his Carcassonne school, he made pizza lovers happy on the coast thanks to his itinerant trade which settled in a new place every day (from the villages of Corbières to Fitou, La Palme, Caves…) since 2014. Always in search of a form of perfection, he took part, in 2019, in advanced training (levels 2 and 3) with Ludovic Bicchierai, World pizza champion, title won in 2016 in Italy.

But both of them, as of last spring, decided to settle in a pizzeria with a storefront and it is in Villalier. After some refurbishment work (new oven, cold room and preparation stations, etc.), and a convivial torch-passing evening with Colette Zussini at the end of June, they are distilling tomato-based pizzas for gourmets and the curious, cream, fresh Italian cheeses but also truffle cream.

For them, the summer was an opportunity to take new bearings in the kitchen, find an organization adapted to this new work tool and despite all these novelties, old customers (loyal customers of Port-La Nouvelle have even already come visiting them) friends also new to Villalier or the surrounding area have nothing but good opinions on Goupizza’s pizzas, which evolve according to the mood of the pizza maker and the products they wish to showcase. They will give you the best welcome in their premises, located in the crossing of the village.

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