The first augmented reality glasses compatible with the Apple Watch are French

ActiveLook allows athletes to have access to their performance directly in front of their eyes.

Find the right stride, control your heart rate… Athletes, even amateurs, are more and more fond of data allowing them to improve their performance. Using a smartwatch allows them to have them on their wrist. With the ActiveLook application for Apple Watch, they can now have them in front of their eyes, directly displayed in augmented reality on the screen of their glasses.

During the presentation of its new Apple Watch Series 8 and even more particularly the Apple Watch Ultra, on September 7, Apple gave pride of place to sportsmen and outdoor enthusiasts. More and more data is accessible, intended to better control one’s efforts and improve one’s personal performance. However, what better than a display directly on your glasses to have all your information, without having to look away from the road, while running or cycling?

Let’s not sulk our pleasure, the solution is provided by a French company, with the ActiveLook platform from MicroOled. The ActiveLook 2.0 sports application is available on the Apple Store. It connects to compatible ActiLook glasses, marketed by Engo, Julbo or Cosmo connected. The Evad-1 sunglasses with ActiveLook technology and marketed by Julbo are sold for 499 euros.


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