the €230 million jackpot was not won and will roll over on Tuesday

This is the biggest jackpot ever since the inception of EuroMillions.

It is an amount that makes more than one dream. The 230 million euros to be won in the EuroMillions draw were not won this Friday evening, according to the results relayed by Tirage-Gagnant.

This is the highest amount ever wagered since the creation of the European lottery. The previous EuroMillions winnings record stood at 220 million euros, and was won in October 2021 in French Polynesia.

New draw next Tuesday

If no one won, some were luckier than others. Nine people still won 1,453,438 euros this Friday in Europe, including three in France, after checking the five winning numbers and a lucky star out of the two possible ones.

Since the 230 million euros have not been won, and this is the maximum cap on winnings currently established, this sum will be rolled over four more times, until July 22. If the jackpot is not fully won, it will be split between several smaller winners.

The next opportunity for players to win the sum will therefore be next Tuesday.

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