The death of Christophe Izard, father of Casimir and “L’Ile aux enfants”

On the Facebook account L’Ile aux enfants, named after the famous television show created by Christophe Izard, the latter reported in these terms, on January 26, 2019, on the death of Patrick Bricard, who played the role of François , the best friend of the friendly orange foam dinosaur, Casimir: “I am very sad to announce the departure this morning of (…) our François from “L’Ile aux enfants”. I had chosen him for his smile, his dynamism, his talent, the fun he took in playing several roles…”

On July 31, the author of these few lines of tribute died in turn, at the age of 85, in the Paris region, after a long career in music, journalism, writing and above all on television. . We will first remember him as the designer of “L’Ile aux enfants”, broadcast daily on the third color channel of the ORTF (1974-1975), then on TF1 (1975-1982).

Born May 30, 1937 in Paris, Christophe Izard is the son of lawyer Georges Izard (1903-1973), co-founder of the magazine Spirit, in 1932, and future member, in 1971, of the French Academy. Christophe, trained in music, works as a jazz saxophonist and collaborates with the magazine Jazz Magazinefounded in 1954 by Eddie Barclay.

He joined the ORTF in 1968 as a variety producer for “A l’annonce du monde” – for which he won the prize for best TV man of the year in 1970 -, “Tilt” or “L ‘Sunday guest’. He also works for the television news “Information première”. In 1971, he wrote “La Lucarne Magique”, a program “half-show, half-musical” in the form of television satire. He published the following year Gilbert Becaud in the “Chansons d’Aujourd’hui” collection, Editions Seghers. Christophe Izard is also the author of two crime novels published by Denoël, in the “Crime-club” collection: Death had put on gloves (1968) and Death out of pity (1973).

American programs, a source of inspiration

In 1974, he specialized in the production of programs for young people. After “L’Ile aux enfants”, it will beWednesday Visitors” (1975-1982), hosted by Dorothée, “The Village in the Clouds” (1982-1985), “Hi Mickeys” (1983-1984). In 1988, he took over the management of youth programs at Antenne 2.

Before creating youth programs for French television, Christophe Izard traveled to the United States to observe what was happening there. He is struck, he will say in 2016 to the magazine TV Starby “the seriousness with which the child is taken there”. He is inspired by these methods and creates the character of Casimir, in such a way that “Children can easily identify with him”continued Christophe Izard: “He does stupid things but he opens up to others, he is tolerant. And all the characters around him are in the same state of mind. »

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