the connected watch would be almost identical to the Watch Series 7

Apple will unveil a new Apple Watch Series 8 in a few weeks, which fans have been waiting for impatiently. However, they may be disappointed with the lack of novelties compared to the previous generation.

Famous leaker @ShrimpApplePro announced on Twitter that Apple’s next smartwatch, the Watch Series 8, is expected to use the same design as the current Series 7 model. Its source is none other than the one who had already unveiled the 2021 watch.

Apple Watch – Credit: Unsplash

Contrary to what several previous reports indicated, the next Apple Watch Series 8 won’t always benefit from the new design with flat edges of iPhones. This year again, Apple would have chosen to keep the same design as the Apple Watch Series 7, that is to say a rounded frame. On screen sizes, Apple does not innovate either, since two versions will be available: one in 41 mm and the other in 45 mm.

However, the new Apple Watch Series 8 promises to be less resistant than the previous generation, since the basic model would no longer contain titanium. Apple will only sell a version in aluminum in four colors (midnight, light, red and silver) and a version in stainless steel in two colors (silver and graphite).

What do we know about Apple Watch Series 8?

In his series of tweets, @ShrimpApplePro also specifies that Apple would have modified the box of the watch, opting for stronger glue. Upon opening the box, the glue should permanently damage the box. This measure should prevent users from sealing the box by buying new plastic tabs to make it look like new.

The source failed to spot any new sensors on the back of the Apple Watch Series 8, but we do know that it should have a body temperature sensor on board that can detect if you have a fever. It will probably be the main novelty on this generation.

Finally, we learn that the production of the watches will begin at the end of August, which indicates that the launch should take place by the end of September. Along with its 41mm and 45mm Apple Watch, Apple is also reportedly planning to launch an even larger Pro version with a screen over 2 inches. The latter will be designed for resist the most violent shocks during the practice of extreme sports. Autonomy would also be increased.

Source : @ShrimpApplePro

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