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With love and determination by Claire Denis

With Juliette Binoche, Vincent Lindon, Grégoire Colin…

What is it about ? Sarah and Jean love each other, they have been living together for several years. They trust each other. Desire never faded. One morning, Sarah bumps into François, her former lover, this François who introduced her to Jean, this François whom she left for Jean without hesitation.

Did you know ? With Love and Relentlessness is adapted from Christine Angot’s novel A Turning Point in Life. This is the second time, after A Beautiful Interior Sun in 2017, that Claire Denis has collaborated with the novelist to write a screenplay. The director explains:

“The work with Christine was a little different this time. It wasn’t a question of writing ex nihilo but of adapting one of her novels, A turning point in life. In addition, and that’s not nothing, this project took shape at the start of the pandemic.”

Rebel by Adil El Arbi, Bilall Fallah

With Aboubakr Bensaihi, Lubna Azabal, Amir El Arbi…

What is it about ? Kamal decides to go to Syria to help the victims of the war. But when he arrives, he is forced to join an armed group and finds himself stranded in Raqqa. His younger brother Nassim, who dreams of joining him, becomes easy prey for jihad recruiters.

Did you know ? Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah, to whom we owe aesthetic gangster films like Black and Gangsta, also directed the American blockbuster Bad Boys For Life, a sequel to Michael Bay’s Bad Boys and Bad Boys II. In May 2021, after directing two episodes of the Miss Marvel series, they were chosen to be at the controls of Batgirl, the new DC version for HBO Max.

But the new management of Warner finally decided to cancel the film at the beginning of August 2022… An announcement which triggered a real thunderclap in Hollywood when the blockbuster of 70 million dollars was already filmed and in the post-production phase.

Murielle Magellan’s White Page

With Sara Giraudeau, Pierre Deladonchamps, Grégoire Ludig…

What is it about ? Eloise finds herself sitting alone on a Parisian bench. Who is she ? What is she doing there? She doesn’t remember anything! She then embarks on an investigation, full of surprises, to find out who she is. What if this amnesia allowed her to find who she is, who she loves, and to reinvent her life?

Did you know ? The White Page is adapted from the comic strip of the same name by Boulet and Pénélope Bagieu. Murielle Magellan fell in love with the characters and the drawing, but also with the problem of amnesia that strikes the heroine Eloïse.

“I immediately liked his concern, his quest… and the alternation of poetry and humor that the comic strip carried”confides the director who signs for the occasion her second feature film after the TV movie Moi, grosse (2019), a comedy that deals with obesity.

Everything Everywhere All at Once by Daniel Scheinert, Daniel Kwan

Starring Michelle Yeoh, Ke Huy Quan, Jamie Lee Curtis…

What is it about ? Evelyn Wang is exhausted: she no longer understands her family, her job and is crumbling under taxes… Suddenly, she finds herself immersed in the multiverse, parallel worlds where she explores all the lives she could have led.

Did you know ? Evelyn’s father is played by James Hong. He is one of the most prolific actors of all time having appeared in around 500 films and series. He is best known for his role as the sorcerer David Lo Pan in Jack Burton’s Adventures in the Claws of the Mandarin by John Carpenter.

Tasting by Ivan Calbérac

With Isabelle Carré, Bernard Campan, Mounir Amamra…

What is it about ? Divorced from the gruff type, Jacques alone runs a small wine cellar, on the verge of bankruptcy. Hortense, committed to the association and determined not to end up an old maid, enters her shop one day and decides to sign up for a tasting workshop…

Did you know ? Isabelle Carré and Bernard Campan had already played together in Remembering Beautiful Things (2001). In addition, the actor finds the director Ivan Calbérac after One week out of two (and half of the school holidays) (2009).

The Five Devils by Léa Mysius

With Adèle Exarchopoulos, Sally Dramé, Swala Emati…

What is it about ? Vicky, a strange and lonely little girl, has a gift: she can smell and reproduce all the smells of her choice, which she collects in carefully labeled jars. One day Julia, her father’s sister, bursts into their lives. Vicky embarks on the development of her scent.

Did you know ? Les Cinq Diables was born from the idea of ​​a little girl obsessed with smells. A very personal subject for Léa Mysius who herself tried as a child to recognize smells and reproduce them, to the point of later taking training to try to better understand the extraction and composition of perfumes. However, she did not want to place her film in the middle of perfumery.

My Name is Gulpilil by Molly Reynolds

With David Gulpilil

What is it about ? Torn from the Australian bush as a young boy, David Gulpilil will become the first Aboriginal icon on the big screen. Torn between the traditions of his people and the excesses of Hollywood, the multi-talented actor and dancer tells us about the extraordinary journey that his life has been.

Did you know ? The director talks about the three choices that prompted her to make this documentary: “The first is that it would be David’s story of his life. The second is that he would speak directly to the camera. And the third is that no one would speak for him, nor about him. We were going to attempt to recreate his world.”

Flee by Jonas Poher Rasmussen

What is it about ? The true story of Amin, an Afghan who had to flee his country in the late 80s when he was just a child. Thirty years later, now a university student in Denmark, he will confide to his best friend the true story of his journey and his fight for freedom.

Did you know ? Jonas Poher Rasmussen was 15 when he met Amin in Denmark. The latter arrived from Afghanistan alone and lived in a foster home, just around the corner from where the future director lived. He remembers:

“We passed each other every morning at the bus stop, on the way to high school, and we gradually became close friends. That was 25 years ago. time, I never asked him about his past.”

Shabu by Shamira Raphaela

What is it about ? The tragicomic setbacks of a young teenager from the working-class neighborhoods of Rotterdam. Because he damaged his grandmother’s car, he has to find the money for the repairs for one summer.

Did you know ? Shamira Raphaëla wanted to adopt a point of view opposite to that of her 2014 documentary, Deal With It, which showed the dark and unfortunate side of the heritage of immigrants, a Caribbean family fallen into drugs and crime. If Shabu takes place in an underprivileged neighborhood, there is no victimization or misery.

Memory House by João Paulo Miranda Maria

With Antonio Pitanga, Ana Flavia Cavalcanti, Soren Hellerup…

What is it about ? Cristovam, originally from the Brazilian hinterland, works in a milk factory in a prosperous region of Brazil, a former Austrian colony. He feels alone there, marked by cultural and ethnic differences. One day, he discovers an abandoned house filled with objects reminding him of his origins.

Did you know ? The starting point of Memory House is in a dream that João Paulo Miranda Maria had a few years ago. In the latter, he finds himself, in the company of other people, in a house full of memories and filled with objects from his past…

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