The child died after eating pizza. “I will do everything possible to face Nestlé”

Yesohan Aiech celebrated on Monday what would have been the 9th birthday of his son, Nathan, who died of an E. coli infection after eating pizza.

“Today is Nathan’s birthday. I have to leave work and put a flower on his grave.the man told French television channel BFMTV.

The incident occurred in February, when the then eight-year-old ate a Nestlé Buitoni brand ‘Fresh Up’ pizza.

According to international publications, at least 55 additional people were infected after ingesting the same product, whose production line was stopped, at the Caudry factory, because they wanted the brand to give a new “green light” for production in November.

” I say [ao Nathan] I’m doing everything I can to confront Nestlé and get them to explain to me what happened. »on French television.

The 48 families involved in this case are represented by the same lawyer, who is asking Nestlé for 250 million euros in damages. In May, the prosecution opened a trial to investigate the crimes of murder, involuntary injuries and placement of products dangerous to health.

Speaking to the same channel, the lawyer accused Nestlé of being “ignorant of its inadmissible errors” in relation to this case.

“Nestlé is a group with an annual turnover of 80 million, [este] It’s a loss that seems proportionate to us and that perhaps encourages the group not to make any more mistakes,” continues Pierre Debuisson.

“Justice does not consider us, nor the political class. We are not listened to. Only money makes things possible”explained the father.

After the case became public, another woman filed a complaint in May after being infected with the same bacteria after eating pizza from the same brand.

It’s not the only brand that has had food safety issues. Hundreds of people already. Kinder has withdrawn more than 3,000 tons of products in France following 150 cases of salmonella discovered in nine European countries.

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