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the brand Sodebo prints help numbers for victims of domestic violence on its pizzas

At spring 2020, in full confinement, domestic violence is exploding. Confronted like everywhere in France with this phenomenon, the gendarmerie of Montaigu contacted Sodebo, the emblematic local company, to ask him for help by printing, on the packaging of the pizzas, the emergency number 39 19. The co- President of Sodebo, Patricia Brochard, said yes right away: “We are a family business and we are headed by three women. Protecting families is one of our values.”

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Two years later, it was the national gendarmerie that called on Sodebo. This time to fight against family violence – with 116 006 – but also digital violence. We will therefore soon see, on supermarket shelves, pizzas labeled with the number 30 18: “It’s a way of providing solutions for young people who are in great difficulty at the time and who don’t know who to turn to, but also for parents faced with this kind of situation without knowing how to help their children.”

It is difficult, however, to know theeffectiveness of such a measure : “Indeed, you should ask each person who calls where they saw the number. It’s probably a small stone in the building but even if it helps, even saves one or two people, it will give meaning to the action. that can be carried out in collaboration with the national gendarmerie”explains Patricia Brochard.

In total, these are 35 million Sodebo pizzas and salads which will be labeled with these emergency call numbers. The first products – Dolce pizzas – were released on October 17. The Salades et Cie will follow and, in November, the PIZZ. This partnership with the national gendarmerie should last six months.8

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