The boss of influencers and columnist of TPMP Magali Berdah announces that she has just closed the Instagram account of rapper Booba who had millions of subscribers

In a press release published on her social networks, Magali Berdah discusses her legal action against Booba. The young woman had indeed filed a complaint against the rapper for cyberbullying. But above all, she announces that she has obtained by legal means the closure of Booba’s Instagram account.
Magali Berdah writes: “For two months, Elie Yaffa, known as ‘Booba’, has continued to target me on social networks with false and humiliating publications”.
And to add: “To this end, my team of lawyers is mobilized, night and day, to act on all grounds that the law allows (…) First victory of this long journey, the President of the Judicial Court has ordered the deletion of the Instagram account @OKLM, with which Booba encouraged his pack to act against me almost daily”.

Following this court decision, Booba reacted with a simple “We will meet again” posted on his Twitter account.

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