The site closes its doors (following threats from Apple?)

Apple has always had two beta systems to test new back-to-school updates: a program dedicated to developers (this takes priority over new additions) and a program reserved for public testers. Of course, the most interesting is the one for developers, it comes sooner after WWDC and offers software progress with a big lead. The site had understood this and had made a very lucrative business out of it… closes its doors

It’s official, the creators of the Betaprofiles site have decided to give up and give in to pressure from Apple which did not accept that its beta program reserved for developers is accessible to users who do not have developer accounts. For a long time, Betaprofiles offered access to new betas, which allowed Apple customers to have updates at the same time as the developers. without paying the annual account which costs €99 per year.

The problem is that Betaprofiles became popular very quickly, with hundreds of thousands of visits every month during the beta period and several tens of thousands of followers on social networks, the site made too much noise, which obviously pushed Apple to do pressure to the managers of the site to close the site.


Remember, however, that Apple’s beta programs are extremely strict as for eligibility, if you are not a developer, you are prohibited from accessing the program except for public testers. The Cupertino company believes this is for your good, as betas can sometimes be unstable and cause bugs, crash applications and even reboots untimely. If too many customers download the betas, it can quickly become critical for technical support by phone or in the Apple Store, which will be overwhelmed with demand.

Unlike the developer-only beta program, public betas are significantly more stable and reduce minimize the risk of major defects that may interfere with the use of an iPhone, iPad, Mac, etc.

In a tweet posted this morning, BetaProfiles claims that it does not want to enter into a legal battle with Apple, the site is aware that it violates the policy of Apple and that there is little chance of winning a lawsuit, even with the best lawyers in the world.

Of course, for the Apple community, it is an immense sadness to see this site vanish, since it gave free access to all betas at the same rate as the release for developers. However, be reassured about one thing… Those who have gone through Betaprofiles to install the beta of iOS 16, iPadOS 16, macOS 13 Ventura, tvOS 16 and watchOS 9, your profile will remain active until the final end of the program in September.

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