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The best pizza in the world is French

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The pizza world champion is French

Daughter of Lionel Lombardi, a well-known pizza master, Caroline MayaFrench pizza maker, was crowned world champion pizza maker from Italy in tandem with chef Alain-Patrick Fauconnet on April 7, 2022. The best pizza 🍕 in the world is French! Scrowned pizza world champion in her birthplace, Italy, a real feat!

My dream was to be the world champion.

French Pizza Champion then World Champion! Already French champion 2021 “A Due” gourmet pizza with the Grenoble chef Alain Patrick Fauconnet, Caroline Maya won the title of the best pizza 2022 at the world championship in Italy, at the beginning of April.

It obtains the title of the best pizza in the world in Italy. April 7, 2022 in tandem with chef Alain Patrick Fauconnet. Making pizzas is an important family event for the young woman.

The best pizza in the world is French
The best pizza in the world is French

His pizzas between 9 and 13€, homemade are manufactured near Lyon in Saint-Priest.

“I was preparing for this task because my father was the very first Frenchman to take part in the world championships. However, the Frenchman was not world champion. »

In 2017, she took over from her father and uncle, and took over the family pizzeria in her grandparents’ garage in Saint-Priest near Lyon. The pizzeria has been open for over 34 years.

It was my mother who opened the pizzeria in 1987. There was only one pizza on the menu. The family business is truly a pizza love affair.”

The recipe for the best pizza in the world

To obtain this coveted title, the pizzaïola prepared a pizza composed of marine treasures. The pizza was topped with sea urchins and lobster bisque. Scallops were grilled with a blowtorch, as well as dried caviar. Let’s not forget either the prawns marinated in citrus fruits and flambéed in sake as well as the squid ink tuiles, the young shoots of peas and the sea urchin tongue foam.

However, a pizza worthy of the name cannot do without tomato and cheese! Logically, balls of mozzarella, ricotta cream, ricotta flower, heart of saffron and dried tomato pistils make up the pizza that we call “C’era una volta” (or once upon a time in Italian).

pizza recipe
pizza recipe

However, the award-winning pizza is not currently on the menu of Pizzas du Puits-Vieux, despite the requests of many customers. His price is estimated between 400 and 500 €. “It’s not a pizza that we serve in a take-out box, justified Caroline Maya, the chef champion of France on several occasions. Before specifying : “But I tell them that the dough of the other pizzas is that of the world championship. »

It’s a huge job but honestly for nothing in the world, I wouldn’t do anything else. “The day I am world champion, my father will no longer have any doubts about me and I proved to him that he could trust me

Pizzaïola, Caroline Maya, French, has just been crowned pizza world champion in Italy.Video Caroline Maya, French and world pizza champion.

Caroline Maya, restaurateur in Saint-Priest (Rhône), won the supreme title of world pizza champion in duo with Alain Patrick Fauconnet. At 34, she works in the establishment created by her grandmother. This is Caroline Maya’s last competition: “When you have reached the highest step, you have to know when to stop. On to the others now! »

Old Well Pizzas


This welcoming pizzeria, open 7 days a week, offers pizzas and Italian groceries to take away.
Services available: On-site dining Take-out sale No delivery

Address: 43 Rue du Puits Vieux, 69800 Saint-Priest

Since 1987 the old well pizzeria has made it a point of honor to offer a menu of impeccable quality. All our products are fresh, selected, and cooked by us to offer you quality dishes and pizzas, respecting traditional Italian cuisine.

Located at 43, rue du Puis Vieux in Saint Priest, our team welcomes you every day from Monday to Sunday from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.

The reaction of the World Pizza Champion to the announcement of her victory.

These 3 days will remain marked for life in my memory, 3 days of competition, 3 days of combat, with unforeseen events that made me even stronger. I have the honor to announce that I have been crowned WORLD CHAMPION OF PIZZA A DUE 2022 with my partner Alain Patrick Fauconnet, a consecration for my work, I promised myself, it was the last competition in which I was committing to and I’m so proud of the result.

My dream was to get on this podium, to put my name on the wall of champions, and I did it this Thursday, April 7!!!!! I am certain that you must always believe in your dreams and never give up. There is no worse than failing if not trying to succeed.

First of all, I thank my father for everything he taught me, for all his support, for all these months of hard training every day, he was there by my side, my pillar, he allowed me to become the woman I am today.

I thank my buddy Alain Patrick, we lived this moment with so much complicity it was magical; Meidhi Belkessa, my godfather in the disciplines of escoffier, my culinary assistant in all categories, my GRAND CHEF; My husband for supporting me, but above all for supporting me over the past few months. My sister who accompanied me on this competition, My family, my friends, who have always believed in me, And THANK YOU to you my clients for having supported me, for having believed in me.

The world champion pizza was made with the same dough that you are served every day.

Thank you to my pizza friends who supported me during this competition
Simone Gemma, Dominique Zucaro, Julien Serri.

And thank you to all the pizza colleagues, the whole band of pizza makers who encouraged and congratulated me. 🙏🙏🙏🙏

A very special mention to my best friend Medhi Douimry who pushed me to become ever stronger.

Thanks to my sponsors Montsé and Molinel without forgetting the association of French pizzerias.

Thanks to Gpa, to Yohan Lidon,
To the TF1 film crew, Anastasia, Vincent, David.

And a huge thank you to my team who managed the pizzeria during my absence.

Some comments from happy customers

Following all the media coverage around the World Champion Pizza, curiosity forced me to make the 30min journey that separates it from the Pizzeria, and it was an excellent idea, no regrets, on the contrary, I had tried to call to order but for 1h30 impossible the line was almost impossible to reach so there is popularity.
The pizzas…what can I say, the dough is excellent, the tomato sauce ditto, the ingredients are fresh and of high quality, the prices are at the top and in the end all this is washed down with a quality of service and sympathy from the staff.

You enter a private home, the reception is at the bottom of the garden, so very intimate, very welcoming.
The pizzas already make you want just by looking at them and it is confirmed by eating them. No feeling of heaviness after swallowing a whole 🙂
A huge choice (and even the possibility of adding a few options (egg, ham…), the dough is thin so leaves plenty of room for the filling as far as the flavors are concerned.
I can only recommend, by the way, I’ll leave you, we’ll go back 🙂 🙂

Do we still need to present the pizza world champion? Success is there, so it took me an hour to reach them on the phone to order.
Otherwise, we all had a great time. I particularly recommend the bressane pizza but all the pizzas are good. As for the prices, they are very correct given the quality of the pizzas.
An address not to be missed.

Since I arrived in Saint-Priest, I have never eaten such good pizza. The pizzas are made with love and with quality products. I highly recommend this pizzeria

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