The best evening with friends

For a convivial and hassle-free evening with friends, the pizza evening will always be a must! Almost everyone loves pizza, simply because you can put just about anything you want in it! But how can you be perfectly sure that your pizza evening will be a success? How to organize a perfect pizza party? Here’s the procedure to follow !

pizza night

The choice of pizzas: the most important thing for a successful pizza evening

Unsurprisingly, the most important point to work on for a successful pizza night is the choice of pizzas. Here, you have several options.

  1. You can buy pizzas already prepared in the supermarket. This solution will require a bit of organisation, especially for the cooking… Indeed it is not easy to cook several pizzas at the same time while obtaining an impeccable result. But by buying your pizzas at the supermarket, you can vary the pleasures easily and offer several toppings to your guests without stress.
  2. If you live in town, you can also decide to order your pizzas in a pizzeria. The pizzas will be a little more expensive, but they will be much better. On top of that, you will be able to decide on the toppings with your guests, and you will be quite sure that everyone will find something for them.
  3. You can finally decide prepare your own pizzas. In this case, the quality will be incomparable, especially if you have time to prepare the dough yourself. But this will obviously require a lot of work and you have to plan a long preparation time beforehand.

The amount of pizza is another important point to consider. If your guests are small eaters, half a pizza per person may be enough. But the best is to provide one pizza per person to ensure that no one will miss anything.

Must-have accessories!

For a truly successful pizza party, there are certain accessories to plan for.

  • Do not hesitate to buy a bottle ofchilli oil. Many people love this condiment!
  • It is also ideal to have one or two pizza cutters. Knives in the form of a roll will make your life much easier.
  • do not forget the drinks ! The most recommended alcoholic beverages for pizza night are red wine, rosĂ©, and beer. Don’t forget to provide soft drinks and water to satisfy all your guests.
  • The ideal is to have a pizza oven. Still unknown a few years ago, pizza ovens will quickly become essential in French kitchens. If you love pizza and eat it often, this might be the time to invest in a good model.

Our latest tips!

Finally, for a totally successful evening, there are other tips that can help you.

  • Don’t forget to plan one or two vegetarian pizzas.
  • A side salad will always be welcome.
  • plan a rather light dessert to end on a sweet note.
  • Finally, the most important tip: let your creativity and imagination speak for themselves!

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