The Battle of the Clans – Season 01 Episode 09 – The Battle of the Clans

Shaane has chosen her moment well… In the middle of the elimination ceremony, she lets a bomb explode that will destabilize the Guedj clan. The family, who thought they were freed from all worries tonight not having to eliminate, find themselves in the heart of the turmoil. It’s too much for Allan, a break is needed during this ceremony, tempers are heating up! Don’t forget the JLC clan’s elimination vote, however… Who will be the first member eliminated, who hasn’t convinced his clan enough to stay one more week in the competition? The light beam will sparkle on Mymy, enough to relieve Joezi’s stress. Back at the villa, an electric atmosphere, dead silence reigns. The evening has only just begun… Belle decides to call the woman in question, to have her questions answered. The Battle of the Clans – S01 Episode 09.


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