The Apple Watch Series 8 body temperature sensor

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(Pocket-lint) – Apple is expected to announce its next smartwatch in September in the form of the Apple Watch Series 8 and rumors suggest the device will feature a body temperature sensor. According to the latest report, this sensor may not perform as well as one might think when the smartwatch arrives.

The body temperature sensor in the Apple Watch Series 8 – and the Apple Watch Pro if that model is also launched – was expected to be able to detect fever, help women detect ovulation and improve the detection of the different phases of sleep.

More recent reports from The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg have suggested that while the body temperature sensor will likely still be able to help detect ovulation and improve analysis of sleep stages, it may not be able to. able to detect fever at launch.

It is said that the company has plans to do this in the future, but for the 8 Series the sensor might not be able to pick up an exact measurement so might be a bit limited at launch.

The Apple Watch Series 8 is expected to launch alongside the iPhone 14 models at an event in September. Some reports also claim that we will see a Apple Watch Pro model – which would be more robust – as well as a Watch SE 2. For the moment, nothing is confirmed, but we have made the rounds of the rumors on the three models of Apple Watch.

Written by Britta O’Boyle.

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