The Apple Watch can detect a heart attack in its user!

The famous connected watch, the Apple Watch is able to detect if its wearer is having a heart attack.

detect a heart attack thanks to his connected watch? This is what the Apple Watch is capable of! MCE TV gives you more details.

What if the Apple Watch saved you from a heart attack?

On September 9, 2014, Apple unveiled its very first model of connected watch. The Apple Watch is then presented at a press conference for the launch of a new range of iPhone.

In 2015, the first users can already order their connected watches. Since then, Apple has continued to develop its technology. Today, the accessory has become a real extension of the wearer’s arm.

Thanks to the Apple Watch, you can answer a call from your wrist, write a text message, talk with Siri or even control your playlist. But you can also pay without contact, control your camera remotely and above all monitor physical activity.

And this last point concerning the health of the wearer of the Apple Watch that interests us today. It must be said that the connected watch from the giant to the apple proved that she had a far more life-saving use than she lets on.

A recent study has shown that the Apple Watch was able to detect if its wearer was suffering from a heart attack. According to Phonandroid, this study was conducted by American researchers. And made public this August 4 in the Texas Heart Institute Journal.

Apple’s watch would therefore have the medical ability to understand when its wearer has a heart attack. What models watch are we talking about? And how does it work ? We tell you everything!

She has already saved lives

The Apple Watch would therefore have this ability to detect a heart attack in its carrier. According to the study published earlier this month, models from series 4 to 7 are affected. And this thanks to the sensors that compose it.

Indeed, its electrocardiogram (ECG) sensors will record the wearer’s heart rate. The researchers therefore confirmed that this makes it possible to detect a heart attack or infarction at a very early stage.

As soon as the first symptoms appear. This allows you to react quickly!

The study proves that the Apple Watch has managed to save many lives. Indeed, the connected watch allowed the victim to be his rescue. Either the diagnosis of a disease she did not suspect.

According to researchers, the watch’s ECG sensors could soon to detect the insufficiency of the pump of the heart. Which then is another heart disease.

But we must still keep in mind that the watch alone is not enough to make this diagnosis. The Apple Watch can therefore for the moment let the wearer know if he has any kind of heart failure.

But a doctor must still confirm all that. Indeed, the latter will be able to have the necessary tools to measure a cardiac anomaly.

The Apple watch has still saved many lives. Last March, a dentist was saved from a clogged artery (after seeing his doctor) thanks to the data from his watch which launched the alert! Just that.

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