The Apple TV of 2015 becomes a legacy product

The Apple TV HD, which came with a Siri Remote that lacked a small white circle around its Menu button, fell into the legacy category. It was she who paved the way for apps on this platform. As such, it will no longer benefit from after-sales service, unless spare parts are available, but it must be quite rare for boxes such as this to be repaired.

The precision on the type of remote control comes from the fact that this model, launched in October 2015, has had several lives. Marketed as “Apple TV” (fourth generation), it became “HD” with the arrival of 4K versions in September 2017.

On this occasion, his remote control had been fitted with this little mistake. This Apple TV, without changing internally, was then accompanied by the latest generation of the remote control, with completely revised ergonomics.

This 3rd version is still on sale, as entry level at 159 € or on the refurb at 139 €.


The 1st generation 12.9-inch iPad Pro and Apple TV HD(?) will soon be legacy products


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