The Algerian who detected a flaw at Apple joins Algérie Télécom

A young Algerian created the buzz on social networks last week. He discovered a security flaw in the devices of the American electronics giant Apple.

His name is Abdelkader Mouaz and he comes from the wilaya of Tiaret. Barely 21 years old, this young Algerian managed to detect a flaw relating to the protection of personal data on Apple brand devices.

A flaw that allowed hackers to steal personal information and perform various actions on devices such as iPhone, iPad and Mac without the consent of their owners.

This young computer gifted will not delay alerting the American giant by e-mail to the flaw in its operating system. To thank him, the Apple brand then adds the name Abdelkader Mouaz to its honor roll, “The Apple web server security acknowledgements”.

A chart that Apple releases quarterly to recognize people who have reported potential security issues that may affect the company’s web servers.

“This is one of the greatest achievements of my career,” Abdelkader Mouaz posted on his Facebook page.

Abdelkader Mouaz, who has several international certificates in computer security to his credit, is not his first feat.

He had already been honored in 2021 by the giant Google, and is at the origin of the discovery of numerous flaws in the servers of the online banking network Paysera, but also of the Express mail operator Yaldine and the social network Facebook.

Algeria Telecom’s announcement

In Algeria, Abdelkader Mouaz, who regularly collaborates with American companies specializing in cybersecurity, is little in demand. After the buzz aroused by the discovery of the flaw at Apple, Algérie Télécom decided to call on him.

“Algeria Telecom is honored to welcome among its employees, Mr. Abdelkader Mouaz, a young Algerian talent who was able to detect 800 high-level security breaches from several international companies including Apple,” said the incumbent fixed-line operator in a press release, published this Sunday.

Algeria Telecom has announced the recruitment of Abdelkader Mouaz for its Security Operations Center (SOC).

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