the actor defrauded of several million euros, an incredible fraud

Anyone can get scammed, whether they’re famous or not. The proof, the French actor and director explained that he had been taken in by a man who lied from start to finish. Indeed, he presented himself as a lord of an ancient Irish family. He has sold dreams to Dany Boon about financial investments

Dany Boon was scammed by a so-called “lord”!

The journalists ofirish examine revealed that Dany Boon had been robbed of several million euros. According to Irish journalists, the 56-year-old actor was tricked by an alleged “lord“. The latter told him that he belonged to an old Irish family. But, nothing is true. The director’s lawyers have implemented a temporary asset freeze that amount to six million euros… This scammer uses multiple identities and handles, but is known as Terry Birles. He is the manager and beneficiary of several companies.

A network of companies in Ireland

According to Dany Boon’s lawyer, the actor was the victim of a “elaborate fraud” set up by Terry Birles. The latter is accused of having defrauded people through a whole network of companies based in Ireland. But not only ! Apparently, it also operates in other countries. It all started when Dany Boon, who is a boating enthusiast, recruited Terry Birles to have services for his yacht.

The scammer took the opportunity to give him some (bad) advice. Indeed, the man recommends to Dany Boon to collaborate with the company of the name of South Sea Merchant’s MARiners Ltd Partnership (SSMM). He lies to her by telling her that they are his partners and that it was his family who founded him more than a hundred years ago. Dany Boon would then have paid more than 2.2 million euros to make his yacht brand new. Indeed, he paid for maintenance and renovation services. A tidy sum to start, but the investment didn’t stop there…

Where are his millions of euros?

In July 2021, the Irish thug offers Dany Boon to invest in the Irish Central Bank to have annual interest of 3.25% tax-free. In neither one nor two, the actor place 4.5 million euros ! But, the bad news comes just after the transfer. He is informed that the SSMM has been taken over by an Italian family. Dany Boon, worried, asks for reimbursement… but his money was already far away. Indeed, on accounts in South Korea or Panama.

Dany Boon discovers that everything is fake!

Apparently, Dany Boon is not the only one to have been taken in by this scammer. After investigation, the lawyers discovered several things. The SSMM is a front company. The Irish or Italian family do not exist. Between April and July 2021, Dany Boon paid the sum of 6.7 million euros. Terry Birles used this money for one of his houses and a ship. For now, Dany Boon did not recover his millions, but the Court will consider the case next week. We will keep you informed!

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