The 12 strokes of noon: Jean-Luc Reichmann announces terrible news…

Les 12 coups de midi is a program very popular with the French. Indeed, whether for the game, the general culture that can be done or even for Jean-Luc Reichmann, the program is very watched. And yet, it looks like the audience might drop. But no, because the French no longer want to see it, but because some will no longer be able to. Indeed, MYTF1, and even TF1 channels will no longer be available for some French people. We’ll explaine everything here.

The 12 strokes of noon

Les 12 coups de midi is a program that Jean-Luc Reichmann has been presenting for 12 long and beautiful years. This game has seduced the French, and the facilitator largely maintains this flame. Indeed, Jean-Luc Reichmann is a very popular man. Whether young or old, it has a place in the hearts of many French people. And for good reason, he is a man full of lifeof joy and especially of kindness. And these qualities are often lacking in the world of TV.

But yet Jean-Luc Reichmann went through many hardships before arriving at this role of host of 12 noon shots. It turns out that because of his birthmark on his nose, he has a long remained harassed. What even is worth to him the nickname “the task” being younger. But that’s not all. In his youth, while riding a motorcycle, he had a very serious accident. He still ended up in a coma, and in a wheelchair. be able to see it jump, dance, walk was something almost imaginable after this accident.

A sad announcement

But Jean-Luc Reichmann is now better. And he is also very close to his community. He is therefore very active on social networks, such as Instagram. And it is precisely through this platform that he announced on Friday sad news. It turns out that for all French people who used Canal+ to watch the channels of the TF1 group, such as TF1, TFX, TMC, LCI, etc. can no longer see them. The host of 12 noon shots declares that “the agreement which allowed Canal + to broadcast the channels of the TF1 and MYTF1 group ended on August 31”. TF1 then made a point of apologizing saying “We regret this situation which deprives you of our content while you continue to pay for it in your subscription”.

But TF1 still offers alternatives. Indeed, to see the 12 noon shots, it is possible to go through the site or the MYTF1 application. You can see live and even replays. It therefore remains 3 million people who are penalized by this measure. And it represents still 12% of the TF1 audience. So it’s a good deal for neither side, but neither has managed to come to an agreement. But this is far from the first time that it is the viewers who pay for the disagreements of the two giants. In 2018, Canal + had already withdrawn TF1.

Canal +

But Canal+ isn’t really worried about that. It’s not just the 12 noon shots that will no longer be accessible. Indeed, he states that “Aware of the importance of the Football World Cup for its subscribersand on the strength of its partnership with beIN Sports, which owns full competition rightsthe Canal+ group will be able to offer the entire event to its subscribers”.

Thus, under the publication of the host of 12 noon shots, subscribers seem annoyed declaring “In the interest of TF1, it is really to find an agreement at the risk of lose a lot of viewers” , “I noticed it this morning, it’s a shame” , “Regardless one or the other’s fault it’s the viewers who toast ! Shame !”.

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