Telex: Apple tightens restrictions in iMessage, Open acquires CRM Centric, Cnil closes its injunction against Facebook

– Apple places greater restrictions on editing and undoing iMessage. One popular feature of iOS 16 is the ability to edit and unsend iMessages with a long press. It is also controversial because malicious actors could use it for bad purposes. After reflection, Apple has therefore decided to make changes in beta 4 of iOS 16. Namely that the user only has two minutes left to complete an unsent message (Unsend) but that he still has 15 minutes to edit a message within the limit of 5 modifications. The Edition label also provides access to the list of previous modifications.

– Open acquires CRM Centric. ESN Open has acquired CRM integration consultancy Centric. With particular expertise in technologies and services around Salesforce, this company will strengthen Open’s Digital Consulting activity. Created in 2006, CRM Centric notably covers the retail, banking/insurance, energy and public sector sectors.

– The Cnil closes its injunction against Facebook. On July 11, 2022, the National Commission for Computing and Freedoms closed the injunction issued on December 31, 2021 against Facebook. Already fined €60 million for bad practices in terms of refusing cookies, the social network also exposed itself to a fine of €100,000 per day in the event of non-compliance with an injunction aimed at allowing users located in France to refuse the cookies deposited in their terminal as easily as to accept them. The implementation of a refusal button entitled “Only allow essential cookies” above the acceptance button entitled “Allow essential and optional cookies” therefore satisfied the Cnil. However, the latter indicates that it reserves the possibility of controlling in the future the compliance of the site with these other requirements and, if necessary, of mobilizing its entire repressive chain.

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