Télématin: big discomfort live, the arrival of Alexandra Pizzagalli turns into a nightmare!

Alexandra Pizzagalli is a great French humorist who is very successful with her one-woman-show for a few years. Her success becomes quite dazzling since with her black humor, she wins all the prizes. She is the new face of the morning show on France 2. Alexandra Pizzagalli joined the Télématin team, already composed of Julia Vignali, Thomas Sotto, Damien Thévenot and Maya Lauqué. However, during her first appearance, she was the victim of a malfunction of the teleprompter. A great discomfort followed. We tell you everything!

A general malaise in Télématin

There was a big discomfort on the Télématin set on Monday, September 5. And this, for the premiere of comedian Alexandra Pizzagalli. Indeed, when the main teleprompter suffered a failure, the comedian froze in full live. She entered the set of Télématin with the biggest smile. However, very quickly, her face changed a lot and her smile disappeared. And this, because she found herself unable to utter a single word or even improvise.

The new face of Télématin then underlined the fact that his teleprompter has malfunctioned. Due to this, she could not perform her sketch scheduled for the morning. A real moment of discomfort for all the journalists present on the set. Even if the two presenters, in a very professional way, did their best to reassure the comedian.

She speaks on Instagram

After having suffered numerous technical problems during the chronicle in Télématin on France 2, comedian Alexandra Pizzagalli made the decision to talk about the malfunction on her Instagram account. Indeed, she mentioned the situation in order to make an update on her first appearance on the France 2 show. Not the first appearance she hoped for, however Alexandra Pizzagalli will surely never forget her arrival in Télématin. The comedian, on Monday, September 5, therefore made his debut in the morning show of France 2, during which she wanted to elect ” asshole of the week“. Unfortunately, her beginnings were not as magical as she wanted.

A teleprompter failure and technical problems disturbed Alexandra Pizzagalli, who therefore hesitated several times because of this. The comedian therefore suffered an interruption by the advertisements. This live sequence did not fail to react to Internet users. Faced with the many comments and some attacks on his performance in Télématin, Alexandra Pizzagalli spoke on Instagram.

First direct, teleprompter problem, caught off guard, prostration ++, which caused the delay. And the ads being scheduled to the minute, they were sent out before I could finish my column. So I did it right after. Zero censorship, the Télématin teams are at the top of benevolence “, she published on the social network. ” Highly the second, and unless a projo falls on my face next week a priori it can only be better. Thank you for the support you are brothers “. Let’s hope his second appearance goes better!

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