tech only has eyes for them

Even without being direct competitors, they are the benchmark for many tech companies. If it has been obvious for many years for Apple, TikTok is also closely scrutinized. Explanations.

All it takes is for Apple to change a detail for everyone to follow. For several decades now, the impact of the Californian giant on the tech world – and even beyond – has been unquantifiable.

Whether you are a direct competitor or not, the choices of the firm at the apple have a massive impact. It is not without reason that it holds the title of “the most powerful brand in the world”. Apple makes a square watch? Many competing models have taken up its design. Apple creates the AirPods? There are countless copies of these headphones with small branches sticking out. The Apple Stores, the brand’s stores, present the devices on large wooden tables as luxury items… the competition is struggling to do the same.

And if Apple abandons one technology in favor of another, chances are it will become a new normal. Just like the Californian’s next virtual reality headset could shake up this market. Predicted at a prohibitive price for many (about 2000 dollars), it will not necessarily be the most advanced but certainly the best thought out for easy use.

Apple: a charismatic leader and drastic choices

But where does this success come from? There was certainly the charismatic leader, Steve Jobs. His story, his unique personality, his drastic choices… just read his biography written by Walter Isaacson to understand how the myth was born. By mixing technological breakthroughs and ease of use of devices, Apple has created an entire ecosystem.

And its pricing policy, deliberately high, ended up creating the legend. Owning Apple products has become, whether we like it or not, statutory in our capitalist societies. But the real tour de force comes from Tim Cook, who knew how to perpetuate the spirit of Apple after the death of its founder. Here again, the key is to dig your furrow, without worrying about criticism.

Apple has no equal in highlighting its products© Hadrian /

TikTok: a flash success that makes people envious

In its own way, TikTok is also envious. Surpassing the applications of the Meta group (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.) and having more than a billion users in just three years (and probably 1.8 billion by the end of 2022), that is bound to be a dream come true.

It took eight for Facebook and Instagram to achieve the same result. Even Snapchat didn’t pull off this feat. A success attributed to the very principle of TikTok, compared to a “ digital crack supplier by Dr. Julie Albright, professor at the University of California who detailed the hypnotic nature of the application and its ability to release dopamine, the hormone of happiness, in the human body. “You are in a daze, carried away by the application. And you have only one desire: to continue watching and watching again [des vidéos] “, she explains.

Since its launch in 2018, TikTok has been eating away at Instagram and Facebook market share©Koshiro K/Shutterstock

The competition, whether with TikTok or one of the other major players in this sector, has only intensified “Admitted Snap’s CFO, Derek Anderson, when publishing the app’s – poor – financial results for the second quarter of 2022. Other proof that everyone only has eyes for TikTok right now: YouTube and Google also seek inspiration. The group’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, thus recently pointed out that YouTube Shorts, a copy of TikTok with only very short videos, was viewed by 1.5 billion people per month.

Copy works

This is where we see success: copying the leader works. The results are in. So, even if Instagram has caused an uproar recently by transforming its interface to now give pride of place to videos rather than photos, thus moving away from its DNA, the figures do not lie. Mark Zuckerberg recognized it himself during an interview with financial analysts at the end of the second quarter: favoring Reels, these short videos broadcast on Instagram, is a success. This increased the time spent by users on the social network by 30% in Q2 2022 alone.

And this, even though Adam Moseri, the boss of Instagram, recognized that the algorithm of his social network was not developed and did not come close to its competitor TikTok. The latter has an impressive ability to learn from your choices and then offer you a real video tap that you will like. And will hold you captive. A golden prison, in short.

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