Advertising soon in the Maps, Podcasts, Books and Apple TV+ apps?

Advertising is a small business that works quite well for Apple. Certainly, during the last quarterly results, Tim Cook admitted that this activity had suffered some setbacks due to the pandemic. Despite everything, this still represents 4 billion dollars in turnover per year. Future advertisements in the App Store. Figures given by Omdia last May … Read more

Apple would have liked to crunch a piece of Facebook’s advertising activity

Apple has not always been this fierce defender of privacy in the face of the ogre Facebook. In fact, before the automaker decided to make the defense of confidentiality a commercial argument, the two companies were looking to find common ground, reports the Wall Street Journal. Images: Apple/Meta. According to the sources of the publication, … Read more

Even for the creators of Severance, Apple TV+ audiences remain a mystery

For Apple TV+ series, even success is not guaranteed transparency. Ben Stiller, the executive producer and director of the excellent series Severance (which follows employees who received surgery to split their memories), recently explained in an interview with Decide how Apple shared viewership figures for series on its streaming service with their creators. And the … Read more

iMessages: Google hands over a coin for Apple to adopt RCS

Google is launching a new campaign targeting Apple’s refusal to adopt RCS in Messages. This communication standard aims to supplant SMS and MMS by offering the same technical advantages as modern communication platforms.. Problem, Apple has never shown great interest in this system – at least publicly – or expressed the slightest intention to support … Read more

Apple Card: US authorities investigate Goldman Sachs credit card business

It’s not just the practices of the App Store that are of great interest to US authorities. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), the federal agency responsible for protecting consumers in the financial industry, has launched an investigation into the credit card activity of Goldman Sachs. The details of this investigation, which scrutinizes account management … Read more