Top 10 Merchandise That Outperformed Their Original Artwork

There are franchises that everyone knows thanks to derivative products, to the point that the original work can sink into oblivion. Whether cult toys, cartoons or figurines of all kinds, there are brands whose original products are completely forgotten. Fortunately, we are here to remind you of all that. 1. Beyblade Originally, beyblade is a … Read more

Top 30 tweets that made us laugh this week #450

Hello my little tubes of sunscreen! Who says new heat wave says new top tweets, that’s the rule from now on. Well, yes, because while you’re grilling your rind in the sun and eating tomato-mozzarella until your guts are cracking up, there are people who work hard. Luckily, Twitter users have been on fire for … Read more

Top 15 of the funniest Wikipedia excerpts out of context, by Wikipedia

Hello my little poultry. Don’t know what? we discovered an absolutely necessary insta count for the future of humanity @WikiPèlerin. On this account, you will find excerpts from Wikipedia pages which, taken out of context, look like highly comical information. Go quickly subscribe otherwise I warn you I’m going to drink this whole glass of … Read more

Top 10 of the funniest clashes of the month, episode 14

Hi to you lovers of confusion and altercations. Do you rejoice when you see people being clashed on the Internet? GOOD NEWS. You’ve come to the right place kids. Here, we show you the crème de la crème of clashes that hurt. Each month, you are selected for murderous projections by interposed keyboards, when you … Read more

Top 8 Explanations Behind Anime Character Looks

Very often, we discover anecdotes about cartoon characters from our childhood years later. The physical appearance of the characters is rarely left to chance: whether in terms of their features or their clothes, there are sometimes stories hidden behind the looks of our favorite characters. 1. Stewie Griffin’s face in “Family Guy” You thought Stewie … Read more

Top 20+ tweets that made us laugh this week #446

Hey buddies, it’s time for the Monday top tweets you’ve all been waiting for with hard-to-repress impatience. If you’re not lounging on the beach or yelling at your kids to put on sunscreen, you probably have 5 minutes to read the best tweets of the past week in order to laugh out loud. Beautiful day, … Read more

Top 20 Stranger Things Season 4 Characters, Ranked Best To Dumbest

After this wonderful 4th season which completely relaunch the series, it’s time to classify the characters, rate them and see if they deserve to appear in season 5 or to have their own spin-off series altogether. Spoiler-free, there are plenty of great ratings for great characters that got our underpants wet. 1. Eddie: 20/20 Few … Read more

Top 20 of the best punchlines of Elodie Poux, this genius

After a remarkable debut in Nantes, Elodie Poux knew how to conquer the hearts of the French and to impose herself in the world of French-speaking humor at the speed of light by winning in particular almost all the prizes of the competitions in which she participated (33 price in 23 festivals, OKLM). Now, rare … Read more