Several dismissals on the side of NXT UK

For several months, many NXT UK superstars have been making their debuts on the 2.0 side and more recently this Tuesday with no less than 5 wrestlers. From then on, many questions arose about the future of Brand UK. Today we learn from Shawn Michaels of the launch of NXT Europe in 2023, plans for … Read more

Apple warns of a security flaw that could control iPhone, iPad and Mac

Affected are iPhone 6s and later, all iPad Pros, fifth-generation iPads and later, and Macs, according to notices posted on Apple’s website. Apple has recommended that owners of certain models of iPhone, iPad and Mac update the operating software, which has a security flaw allowing them to take control of these devices. Affected are iPhone … Read more

worry after severe cases of bacteria-related infection

Buitoni brand frozen pizzas are in the sights of the authorities after the hospitalization of children for serious kidney disease. Two children have died and dozens more have been hospitalized in recent months. Analyzes have confirmeda link between several cases and the consumption of frozen pizzas from the Fraîch’Up range of the Buitoni brand contaminated … Read more

Salman Rushdie attack suspect ‘surprised’ perpetrator survived

“I don’t like this person. I don’t think he’s a good man,” said Hadi Matar at New York Post by evoking the intellectual. The American accused of stabbing Salman Rushdie said in an interview on Wednesday that he was “surprised» that the author of satanic verses survived the attack, which took place at a conference … Read more

a hospital trapped by Katrina on Apple TV+

Memorial Hell has the face of Vera Farmiga, as oncologist Anna Pou, later put in the hot seat. AppleTV+ CRITICISM – Isolated by the rising waters, doctors in New Orleans had to make difficult choices. This chilling miniseries didn’t steal rave comparisons with Chernobyl from HBO. Thousands of men, women and children piled up, without … Read more

John Laurinaitis leaves WWE

After the announcement of Vince McMahon’s retirement and all the changes that may have resulted from it, the PWInsider reveals to us today that according to several sources within the federation, John Laurinaitis, also implicated in the revelations by the Wall Street Journal , was officially and quietly released by WWE. There was no doubt … Read more

Brock Lesnar refused to face several wrestlers

Brock Lesnar is undoubtedly one of WWE’s biggest stars thanks to his successes outside of WWE in the UFC and Olympic wrestling. A notoriety that allows him to have certain preferential treatment in WWE, including choosing his opponents. Indeed, at the beginning of the year 2022, we learned that Brock Lesnar had refused to face … Read more

Ilja Dragunov relinquishes the NXT UK title

Ilja Dragunov announced during the August 4, 2022 episode of WWE NXT UK that he was forced to relinquish his NXT UK Championship. Indeed, Dragunov opened the show to announce that he was suffering from a very serious ankle injury following his last match against Wolfgang on July 28 and the officials did not give … Read more