Buitoni pizzas responsible for several poisonings

The health authorities confirm the link between the bacterial poisoning of several children and the consumption of frozen pizzas Fraîch’Up. Update April 6, 2022 The Fraîch’Up pizza factory ordered to cease operations Presence of rodents, lack of maintenance and cleaning… The 1er April, the prefect of the North decided to stop production at the Buitoni … Read more

a child contaminated with E.coli bacteria wakes up after months of coma

Léna, 12, fell into a coma after eating a Buitoni pizza contaminated with bacteria. Photo VDNPQR Published: July 26, 2022 at 4:53 p.m. Reading time: 2 min It was the small pleasure that the family regularly treated themselves to: a Fraich’Up pizza from Buitoni. And then everything changed on February 14, 2022 when Léna, 12, … Read more

25 days of coma for a young Beauvaisienne aged only 9 months

After a long stay at the Amiens hospital center, Inaïa was able to find her family cocoon on April 4. His parents have filed a complaint and are demanding justice. On April 7, a complaint is filed by the family at the Beauvais police station. The family is now awaiting a response from the courts, … Read more

“Our daughter is in a vegetative state”, the overwhelming testimony of the parents of a victim

“It is one of the most terrible scandals of recent years”, says the lawyer who took on this case. Laetitia Lienhard Léna, 12, is “locked in her body» after eating a Buitoni pizza contaminated with E. coli. Stunned, his parents say they “lost [leur] daughter”. “She was near death. She is now locked in her … Read more

prohibited pizzas still on sale in Franprix stores

Despite the March 18 product recall, Fraich’Up pizzas were found in Franprix stores in Paris. Buitoni pizzas banned from sale are still present on the shelves of some Franprix stores, according to information from RMC. The brand’s Fraich’Up range had made dozens of people seriously ill, and caused the death of two children. Read alsoBuitoni … Read more