With watchOS 9, the Apple Watch in the deep end

watchOS 9 contains a lot of new features for monitoring sports activities, such as support for triathlon or even support for new measurements (stride length, ground contact time, vertical oscillation). The manufacturer also takes the opportunity to improve the life of swimmers: detection of the swimming board and monitoring of the Swolf score are there. … Read more

Cupertino will produce its Apple Watch in Vietnam for the very first time

Apple continues to bet on Vietnam to reduce its dependence on China. Nikkei Asia We learned today that two Apple suppliers (Luxshare and Foxconn) have started testing Apple Watch production in northern Vietnam. This would be the first time an Apple Watch has been made outside of China. Final assembly of products in Vietnam. Picture: … Read more

Nikkei Asia: Apple aims to produce Apple Watch and MacBook in Vietnam | Science

Photo: VNA Hanoi (VNA) – Apple is in talks to produce smartwatches for the first time AppleWatch and MacBook laptops in Vietnam, as this American technology group seeks to diversify its production. According Nikkei Asia, Apple’s Chinese component suppliers Luxshare Precision Industry and Foxconn have started trial production of Apple Watch in North Vietnam. This … Read more

Apple Watch 8: A new patent shows how the temperature sensor would be integrated

The Apple Watch Series 8 is announced to integrate a temperature sensor by several rumors. While there are no further details on how this will be implemented, the new patent for a high-precision sensor that has been awarded to Apple might provide some clues. Apple is working on an advanced temperature detection system The system … Read more