Crunchyroll drops old Apple TVs

Anime fans who have older Apple TV models will have to change the box, or else settle for AirPlay. The Crunchyroll application has indeed announced the discontinuation of support for 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation Apple TVs. 4th gen Apple TVs. and HD, and of course the 4K models remain compatible with the application and … Read more

a hospital trapped by Katrina on Apple TV+

Memorial Hell has the face of Vera Farmiga, as oncologist Anna Pou, later put in the hot seat. AppleTV+ CRITICISM – Isolated by the rising waters, doctors in New Orleans had to make difficult choices. This chilling miniseries didn’t steal rave comparisons with Chernobyl from HBO. Thousands of men, women and children piled up, without … Read more

Even for the creators of Severance, Apple TV+ audiences remain a mystery

For Apple TV+ series, even success is not guaranteed transparency. Ben Stiller, the executive producer and director of the excellent series Severance (which follows employees who received surgery to split their memories), recently explained in an interview with Decide how Apple shared viewership figures for series on its streaming service with their creators. And the … Read more

Apple Store: a gift card of 50 € offered for the purchase of an Apple TV

The Apple Store briefly closed its doors this morning, the time for Apple to add a new offer for the purchase of an Apple TV. Customers ordering one of Apple’s boxes will be able to receive one of the brand new Apple Store gift cards worth €50. The offer is offered automatically for the purchase … Read more

Friday night baseball: Apple TV+ broadcasts the matches in new countries, not yet in France

Friday Night Baseball, Apple TV+’s first foray into sports broadcasts, expands to new countries. France is still not invited to the party unfortunately, but we are getting closer: the service will indeed appear in Germany and Italy. Colombia and the Dominican Republic are also part of this international expansion. These live broadcasts of American Major … Read more

Apple TV: Disney+ activates Dolby Atmos immersive spatial audio for AirPods and HomePod

The Disney+ application on the Apple TV finally offers support for Dolby Atmos spatial audio with the AirPods 3, AirPods Pro, AirPods Max and also with the HomePods (when connected in audio output by default). Until now, the app only provided 5.1, meaning we had big sound but not the enveloping effects or the immersive … Read more