Apple would have found the solution to integrate a blood pressure monitor on its smartwatches

Apple may have finally found a way to integrate blood pressure tracking into its smartwatches. The latest patent filed by Apple in this area was discovered by Patently Apple. He mentions a removable blood pressure sensor that could one day end up on a future Apple Watch. Apple’s new patent hints at a blood pressure … Read more

Apple may have found the solution for the camera under the screen in its iPhone

Apple could potentially use lasers on its future iPhone and Apple Watch according to its latest patent. The manufacturer is reportedly looking to leverage this technology in a number of ways, including enabling air quality monitoring and the display of biometric data on its devices. Future Apple iPhones or smartwatches could use a sophisticated laser-based … Read more

Apple Watch: Soon a Touch ID function on Apple smartwatches?

According to a patent allegedly filed by Apple, the Apple brand would work on installing a fingerprint reader on its future watches, like Touch ID. The future Apple Watch could be equipped with Touch ID for more security A separate biometric chipset is required for the sensor to work Apple is expected to introduce a … Read more