Apple Watch 8: A new patent shows how the temperature sensor would be integrated

The Apple Watch Series 8 is announced to integrate a temperature sensor by several rumors. While there are no further details on how this will be implemented, the new patent for a high-precision sensor that has been awarded to Apple might provide some clues. Apple is working on an advanced temperature detection system The system … Read more

Apple would have found the solution to integrate a blood pressure monitor on its smartwatches

Apple may have finally found a way to integrate blood pressure tracking into its smartwatches. The latest patent filed by Apple in this area was discovered by Patently Apple. He mentions a removable blood pressure sensor that could one day end up on a future Apple Watch. Apple’s new patent hints at a blood pressure … Read more

Apple Watch: Soon a Touch ID function on Apple smartwatches?

According to a patent allegedly filed by Apple, the Apple brand would work on installing a fingerprint reader on its future watches, like Touch ID. The future Apple Watch could be equipped with Touch ID for more security A separate biometric chipset is required for the sensor to work Apple is expected to introduce a … Read more

Big screen and big battery for the “Extreme Sports” Apple Watch, according to Mark Gurman

The “rugged” Apple Watch for extreme athletes and adventurers will have a larger screen, a bigger battery and a hardened metal case, assures Mark Gurman this evening. Bouncing off the rumor a few days ago about a third screen size, the snooper of Bloomberg explains that this new model will have a slab of almost … Read more