Sylvie Tellier is 44 years old: high-cut swimsuit and XXL neckline, she sets Instagram on fire!

Who says summer says holidays, and even if the start of the school year is approaching soon, Sylvie Tellier sees it as a last opportunity to take advantage of it. It was therefore with her family that she set sail for the beach and the sea. immortalize these precious moments with his family especially his daughter. Magnificent shots that reveal the body of this 44-year-old mother. She can be seen spending tender moments with her daughter with super high-cut swimsuits. We’ll explaine everything here.

Sylvie Tellier her deserved vacation

If many TV personalities take advantage of the summer to go on vacation, Sylvie Tellier too. Indeed, the Chief Miss France must accompany all the contenders for the title of Miss around the world all year round. So she took advantage of a break in her very busy schedule to enjoy a family vacation. As a result, she decided to go with her children to the island of Porquerolles.

Indeed, Sylvie Tellier is particularly keen to enjoy moments like this with her children. She also spoke about her role as a mother with Femmes de Télé, saying that “JI am a mother present, but not enough“. (…) “Children understand that the work mobilizes a lot. I am very absent from home”. And this time that she was able to savor with her children did her the greatest good. We can even see photos or with her daughter, she is having a great time laughing and cuddling times.

Very stylish shirts

It is also with her daughter that Sylvie Tellier chose her swimsuits. Moreover, it is together that the two girls have decided to wear the same matching jersey. We can therefore see the two pretty blondes with red swimsuits. This color perfectly matches the mother as well as the daughter and gives a healthy and chic effect.

Then finally, Sylvie Tellier surprised her subscribers with a one-piece swimsuit, but this time solo. The picture is beautiful. We see Sylvie Tellier on a boat all smiles and setting sun enjoying the golden hour. So, even if she will soon leave the family of the Miss France organization, she always has her taste for beautiful things. His light green jersey is proof of that. This color brings out her big smile, but also her beautiful clear eyes and her fair tanned complexion.

In addition, this one-piece swimsuit that Sylvie Tellier is wearing is quite glamorous and chic with its opening on the front, but without ever revealing too much. It has a very bohemian side too with the pretty green flowers with a white heart embroidered on it. And it is not his subscribers who will say the opposite. We thus find under his publication messages such as “You are beautiful Sylvia. I love the color of your swimsuit“, “Where can I find your cute one piece swimsuit? He is splendid” Where “Very pretty what is the brand of your swimsuit ??”.

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