Sybo Games launches Subway Surfers Tag on Apple Arcade

Who doesn’t know Subway Surfers? Well the endless runner is back in a brand new version called Subway Surfers Tag. Instead of giving us more “soup”, the little guys at Sybo Games have decided to roll up their sleeves with the first spin-off game in the series that lets you use a Jetpack, spin, perform combos and more. Again.

Subway Surfers Tag is available on Apple Arcade

You will have understood that you are no longer confined to running straight, Surbway Surfers Tag is ultimately closer to a Tony Hawk-style skate game than an old-fashioned runner. If we find the elements that made the success of the first opus, here everything is bigger, more varied and freer.

Join the team in several interactive and inaccessible city locations. Skate on abandoned trains in the Rail Yard, play in the Park after dark or collect some bonuses from the Freight Docks. But beware ! The Guard won’t let this nonsense pass. He’s following you closely, and this time he’s got reinforcements!

You just want to have fun everywhere in the city. While the guard and his robots try by all means to restrain you, you must slide on the rails, jump obstacles, perform tricks and tag everything you need to achieve your objectives. For this, you even have the right to explode the cleaning robots.

Watch the Subway Surfers Tag trailer video:

Unlike the original, there’s not just one infinite level but multiple arenas to unlock as you level up and achieve high scores. Of course, many bonuses have been scattered everywhere to improve your score multiplier, customize your team of skaters and more.

A very good game to put in everyone’s hands, especially since it’s here without advertising or in-app purchases. Available on iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV for Apple Arcade subscribers at 4.99 euros per month.

Download the game Subway Surfers Tag

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