SURPRISE ! The Voice: this darling of the French will replace Florent Pagny!

Florent Pagny has been going through tough times lately. He has therefore decided to give up the big red armchair this year. A a decision he did not take lightly! However, he feels much more confident now that he knows who will take over in flagship show The Voice!

Florent Pagny facing a violent illness

Florent Pagny made a radiant appearance on Instagram at the beginning of August. He wanted to reassure his fans about his state of health. However, Florent Pagny, who has been fighting cancer for several months, must however think about rest. This is the reason why he will not be part of the coaches for the next season of The Voice. Indeed, at the beginning of the year, the singer made a sad revelation. On January 25, Florent Pagny revealed that he had lung cancer inoperable on his Instagram account. After long sessions of chemotherapy, he is much more reassuring towards his loyal fans. His steely mind and his courage engender the admiration of the fans. The latest news, Florent Pagny is doing pretty well with the treatment. ” The tumor has grown from the size of a kiwi to that of a hazelnut”he reassures.

Despite this, he made the choice not to return for a new season of The Voice. To the misfortune of his fans, Florent Pagny decided, after his long fight, to take time for himself. Time off that he hasn’t actually taken in a while. So the show had to find its replacement. A research which was very difficult. Especially when the person they wanted didn’t want to accept. The producers of the show have indeed decided to appeal to an essential face of the French music scene. Can you guess who it is?

Florent Pagny’s replacement

It is indeed Patrick Bruel! The interpreter of Casser la voix should replace his wonderful friend Florent Pagny. However, this information may seem very surprising when we know that he has refused this position several times. In effect, Patrick Bruel has always found excuses for not participating as a coach in this talent contest. He has already supported some candidates from other artists. But, it is the first time that he agrees to take this role. But for what reasons? What did he manage to negotiate? And why had he always refused this golden job before?

Several times approached by the production of The Voice, Patrick Bruel has always refused to be part of the jury. Indeed, one aspect of the production did not please him at all! The replacement for Florent Pagny admitted that the investment did not bother him. Nevertheless, putting on a show if. “It’s not so much that the candidate chooses the artist, but that the artist jumps for joy as if he had an Oscar in Hollywood, I find that very strange“, he confided. Eventually it would be a big check that would have pushed Patrick Bruel to accept the offer.

He finally accepted, but why?

A well-informed source confided, for this exclusion, to our colleagues from Public, that the producers of The Voice would have promised him a check forone million Euros ! Unheard of on the show! Until then, Florent Pagny was the highest paid coach. And his stamp was 600,000 euros. A more than monster salary for the replacement of Florent Pagny.

We can therefore understand why Patrick Bruel would have ended up accept the offer of TF1’s flagship show. A colossal sum to replace his friend Florent Pagny as coach on the big red armchair. It only remains to wait for the resumption of filming and auditions to see it on the small screen.

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