Superman and Lois – TF1 deprograms Harry Potter for a new series, internet users outraged

This Tuesday, July 12, TF1 broadcasts the new series instead of the continuation of the adventures of Harry Potter. (TF1 screenshot)

This Tuesday, July 12, TF1 is broadcasting the very first episodes of “Superman and Loïs”, the new DC superhero series. We find Clark Kent, alias Superman (played by Tyler Hoechlin), married to Lois Lane (played by Elizabeth Tulloch). Both are the happy parents of twins, Jordan and Jonathan, now teenagers, totally unaware of their father’s powers. If the series has something to delight fans of the mythical superhero, its arrival this Tuesday evening on TF1 disappoints others: those of Harry Potter who hoped to be able to continue watching their favorite saga, after the first two parts broadcast previously.

Delighted fans… others revolted. This Tuesday, July 12, TF1 viewers discover a brand new event series: “Superman and Loïs”. From this evening, and every following Tuesday, we will be able to follow a new version of the adventures of Clark Kent, alias Superman, carried by the duo of actors Tyler Hoechlin (known in particular for his role of Derek Hale in “Teen Wolf” ) and Elizabeth Tulloch (who made a name for herself with her role as Juliette Silverton in the “Grimm” series). We discover the married couple and parent of twins, Jonathan and Jordan, two teenagers who are unaware of their dad’s superhero DNA. Superman always fights evil to protect Metropolis and its people. Clark Kent’s life changes when he learns of his dismissal from the Daily Planet, the newspaper in which he works, but also when he learns of the death of his mother, Martha. An alien then threatens him with kryptonite: Clark Kent will find himself up against the wall and indulge in confidences that risk changing everything in his family life. These very first episodes are enough to delight fans of the series, especially those who have long followed “Smallville”, broadcast at the time on M6.

“You’re kidding us!”

However, many viewers were expecting a completely different program this Tuesday evening. While TF1 was expected to broadcast the end of the “Harry Potter” saga, the front page decided to stop in the middle of the adventures of the sorcerer’s apprentice, after the broadcast of “The Order Phoenix” and “Half-Blood Prince” the previous weeks, to give the new series dedicated to Superman a chance. This is not the first time that the channel has managed the programming of the cult saga in this way: it is common to find the other parts of the saga on the group’s other channels, such as TMC for example. Fans of the adventures of the greatest wizard in the world will therefore have to be patient. In the meantime, many have expressed their disappointment tonight!

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