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Super Wings – The giant pizza – Super Wings

A passenger plane bound for Italy must make an emergency landing on the World Aircraft. While the plane is being repaired, the SuperWings must accommodate alarmed, disoriented passengers. When Lime offers to cook them a meal to cheer them up, Mano, a young passenger boy, makes a popular suggestion: pizza! But it’s going to take a BIG pizza to feed them all! Mano, a huge SuperWings fan, enthusiastically offers to help Lime cook. But he needs a proper chef’s uniform… which Jett, in the shortest delivery ever, gives him. But when the SuperPets want to become pizza maker assistants, things get a bit messy… resulting in a dangerous tsunami of pizza dough! Luckily, the World Guardians are here to save the day! … ET World Robot is able to transform the ocean of dough into the largest pizza in history – baking it to perfection above Mount Vesuvius in Italy.


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