Summer pizzas in Franche Comté

Yannick Delos has become the king of pizza in Besançon by celebrating the tenth anniversary this year of his craft business. Based on rue de Dôle in the Comtoise capital, he cooks 100% organic 54 recipes all year round. Its organic dough is made from sourdough and spring water to enhance all the tastes of basic products. We don’t compromise on quality with this pizzaiolo who since his youngest years has been rocked in the middle of the bakery.

But whatever the time of year, the best sales remain the same: Lardons Morbier but especially the vegetarians who have the opportunity of the arrival of summer take on gourmet colors with organic peppers, aubergines, tomatoes of course. A simple base of ratatouille can also do the trick at home with a touch of mozzarella au gratin. Yannick even plays the sweet and savory card with Pineapple chicken, a combination that is a hit.

In this replay, also discover the apricot-based jam recipes of Josette Choisnel and her orchard of La Roche des Carmes in Fresnes Saint Mames and good advice for making a delicious ratatouille with Clothilde Jacoulot from the early vegetables Jacoulot in Morteau.

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