Such a great sun: Myriam murdered, her interpreter Pauline Paolini reveals the reason for her departure

It has been several weeks since fans of the soap opera made in Montpellier were warned. An emblematic character of the series had to bow out. This August 19, viewers discovered that it was Myriam who had been killed. Pauline Paolini, her interpreter, discreet while waiting for the broadcast of the shock episode, revealed in TV Starthe reasons for his departure.

She arrived casually in the soap opera, playing Myriam Lévy, the cousin of Alex and the blonde Davia, and the fugitive lover of Lieutenant Léoni. Pauline Paolini had ended up taking her ease in the soap opera being granted arcs sometimes comic or dramatic alongside her accomplice in adventure Mélanie Maudran. Over these two years, the tough and daring supermarket employee has risen through the ranks, taking over from Julien Bastide as head of l Cosmetics. For several months, the somewhat tortured character of Myriam had found peace with Marc and was even trying to conceive a child. The discovery of his lifeless body in the warehouses of his company puts an end to the upward trajectory of the pretty brunette who will therefore not have a happy ending.

Pauline Paolini knows who killed Myriam

What to satisfy the actress who claims to be at the origin of the departure of his character.From the beginning, the screenwriters have written great things for Myriam, it was an awesome trail to do. (…) and finally, isn’t it the irony of life to be cut off mid-flight? I think that’s what the writers wanted to do, and I find it quite interesting.” she explained revealing that this disappearance would be the gateway to a new arch that looks very promising. “They did something quite dramatic to mark the occasion, it will also give play to the other characters, namely a police investigation around it. And that’s what is always interesting, the fact that a story hire another”.

Whether Pauline Paolini knows who killed Myriam and why, she remains silent on the matter. She recognizes that even if she had asked the writers to imagine the exit of her heroine in order toleave time for other projects on the side” she was still a bit surprised” of “the way she died”. But may Myriam’s fans console themselves, this brutal departure will however be softened by some scenes from flashbacks between Myriam and Claire (Melanie Maudran). For Pauline Paolini, the time has come to close this chapter. The actress is ready for the rest of her adventures but with a little regret all the same: “no longer be part of this team, stop seeing road buddies who have been there for two years”. Viewers will only be able to understand it.

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