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Successful baptism of fire for the pizza workshop

Last Saturday, after an organizational meeting for next month’s activities, the pizza workshop started at Labo d’Aqui. The oven had been heated an hour before cooking, with small logs. The participants each brought a ball of bread ready to bake and prepared the day before or pizza dough and ingredients which are pooled, then shared on the spot, for the preparation of the dishes. In all, eight pizzas and two breads were baked next to the embers of the oven. A delicious smell has started to diffuse… Pies and cakes will be cooked when the oven is softer. The midday meal was taken together and shared. “Because of the confinement, the construction of the oven took two years, spread over Saturdays. Twenty volunteers participated, with David, the carpenter foreman. A test firing took place a month ago. Now the bread-pizza-cake baking workshop will be scheduled every last Saturday of the month”. The result: beautiful pizzas, varied, with melted cheese on tomatoes or vegetables, are taken out of the oven, cut while still hot… and tasted.

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