Subway Surfers Tag: grind, robots, and tags (Apple Arcade release)

With over 3 billion downloads, Subway Surfers is the most popular mobile game. This runner developed by Danish Kiloo Games is now available as an action game for the Apple Arcade platform. the gameplay has nothing to do with the original game since this time it’s about grinding, collecting bonuses/coins and making nice tags while exploding the cleaning robots and avoiding the guard and his ferocious dog.

We find the little heroes of Subway Surfers, but the action takes place here in closed arenas (disused station, park, docks, etc.), with a view top down and virtual sticks on the right and left of the screen. The DA is very close to the original title, however, still cute and colorful. Will this new version of an ultra-popular franchise enjoy the same success as its predecessor? Subway Surfers Tag is available on the Apple Arcade subscription service.

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