streaming service down for some users

Some subscribers were no longer able, around 5 p.m., to access the streaming service. The nature of the outage was not announced.

The Netflix platform, which allows you to watch series and movies in streaming, suffered what seems to be a major outage this Friday, August 19 around 5 p.m. Some subscribers have reported not being able to access content on the platform.

At 6 p.m., the service seems to be working again for the vast majority of users.

In France, the website, but also the application displayed either an official error message from the platform, or the mention “blocked”.

On the DownDetector site, which allows incidents to be reported on digital platforms, more than 3,000 cases have been recorded in France since around 5 p.m. on August 10, a particularly high figure for France.

The breakdown does not seem to have been limited to France. On Twitter, many French, Spanish and English-speaking users also reported not being able to access the streaming service.

The company did not comment on the failure, the nature of which remains unknown.

This incident came as Netflix is ​​currently in financial turmoil, due to the loss of more than one million subscribers since the start of 2022.

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