Stranger Things: ‘Surfer Boy Pizza’ pizzeria number works!

The creators of Stranger Things really think of everything. So the “Surfer Boy” pizzeria number works for real.

Stranger Things fans are in for a treat. And for good reason, the number of the pizzeria Surfer Boy Pizza actually works. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Stranger Things: Universe Without End

Impossible to miss the Stranger Things phenomenon. And for good reason, since its arrival on Netflix, the series is a huge success. The episodes then follow one another and more and more fans seem to discover them. Yes, just that!

It must be said that the creators of Stranger Things really leave nothing to chance. The latter therefore continue to express their creativity and manage to set up a breathtaking universe. Thus, viewers find themselves immersed in a crazy world where nothing goes as planned. Something to delight fans of suspense.

Moreover, for season 4, the Duffer brothers decided to take out the big game. They therefore bet on the return of the Upside Down. And to the delight of the most curious viewers, many details about him have been given. The latter can therefore learn more about this astonishing phenomenon.

This season 4 of Stranger Things is also punctuated by the arrival of a new and big bad guy. In effect, Vecna ​​appeared to play tricks on Eleven and her friends. Ouch!

If every detail of Stranger Things seems well thought out, the reality is even more impressive. For example, the creators decided to operate the pizzeria number “Surfer Boy Pizza”. MCE TV tells you more!

The pizzeria number really works

Needless to say, nothing is left to chance in Stranger Things. If the two creators were able to prove their talent, fans seem in awe of their endless imagination. Yes, they really show crazy creativity.

But in reality, for this season 4 of Stranger Things, the Duffer brothers pushed their imagination even further. Indeed, the latter have decided to bet on real details. For instance, Vecna’s house exists in real life. But be careful, it’s nothing next to the pizzeria “Surfer Boy Pizza”. And for good reason, the latter turned out to be much more true than possible.

As they wanted reality to surpass fiction, the Duffer brothers created a real messaging service for the number dedicated to this pizzeria. Indeed, if you call the number on the van, you will come across a pre-recorded voicemail on which Argyle describes his recipe for pineapple pizza. Something to amuse internet users.

But beware, for fans of French Stranger Things, the addition could be salty. And for good reason, the messaging system seems to be located in the USA. To avoid unpleasant surprises, so don’t overlook this little detail.. Eh yes !

One thing is certain, the creators of Stranger Things have not finished surprising fans of the series. As they prepare to start writing Season 5, what will be their next craze? To be continued.

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