Stop everything, almost all Apple products are at a knockdown price! iPhones, Macs…

News good plan Stop everything, almost all Apple products are at a knockdown price! iPhones, Macs…

If a reproach is regularly made to Apple, it is the price of the products. Promotions on iPhones, iPads, Macs and the like are quite rare, and often minimal. For 3 days, Cdiscount launches the 72h Apple and sells off a lot of products with an apple. We tell you about it.

Well, very well, there is an event dedicated to Apple on Cdiscount, but for which products and for which prices?

So, even if there are promotions, Cdiscount cannot work miracles. Selling at a loss is illegal in France outside sales periods, and the margin on Apple products is already quite low.

In short, if you want or need to buy Apple now, you have to go to Cdiscount and type promo codes in the small dedicated insert, just before going to checkout. The promo codes are as follows:

  • APPLECDAV200 for $200 off MacBooks
  • APPLECDAV5 for 5% off iPhone and Apple Watch

For the rest, keep an eye out. Sometimes there is a code for 10% discount, sometimes there is a raw 15% discount without any code to enter… in short, everything is cheaper, you just have to be attentive.

See all the Apple 72h promotions on Cdiscount

iPhone, Mac, iPad… Is Apple really too expensive?

Cdiscount is one of the great leaders in online sales here. To maintain this position, the French site must pamper its reputation and offer big promotions almost all year round.

To write our good plan news, we do a fairly substantial daily sourcing job, and, it must be said, Cdiscount very often offers promo codes, and small special operations, even outside of Black Friday or other sales.

It is in this context that the famous “72H Apple” currently in progress were launched. This small event therefore only takes place on Cdiscount, do not look for promotions dedicated to the apple elsewhere.

Note, however, that if it’s an iPhone that attracts you the most, it might be wiser to wait until early fall. The future iPhone 14 will be released, which will mechanically lower the prices of the rest of the range. It is never very wise to buy a smartphone from the Cupertino company during the summer!

See all the Apple 72h promotions on Cdiscount

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