Steve Jobs signature to be auctioned off

At the very first NeXt Cube presentation in Boston in 1988, Steve Jobs, then fired from Apple, signed a contract with Charles Mann who was present at the time to record Jobs’ technical presentation. Originally this recording was thought to go in the Powersharing series made by Mann and which retraces (on audio cassettes) the history of computing from 1982 to 1991.

In total, Mann has decided to auction today 134 recordings. Inside these, the voices of Steve Jobs, but also Steve Wozniak and other personalities who will make Apple history such as John Sculley and Bill Atkinson, the father of macOS.

Produced by RR Auctions, this online auction is a great way to immerse yourself in the history of the Cupertino company, and the story of its most famous leader, Steve Jobs. According to the information site Fast Compagny, several unreleased pieces in addition to these recordings will be for sale.

A collection that tells the story

This will be particularly the case for a signature of Steve Jobs, a very rare piece because Jobs did not like to do autographs. Mann, now 88, decided to hold this sale so that the pieces in his collection would be accessible. Among the potential buyers, many libraries or universities are jostling.

As for the auction itself, it is already open and will end on August 18th. Mann has already announced that another sale will take place in the coming months. The latter should relate to other pieces in its collection and return to another chapter in the history of computing and new technologies, at the turn of the millennium. – Official App

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