Stella Belmondo on vacation in Bali: Bébel’s daughter is having a good time in an idyllic setting

Saturday August 13, Stella Belmondo celebrated her 19th birthday. A birthday that she probably dedicates to her late father Jean-Paul Belmondo who disappeared almost a year ago, on September 6, 2021. “Today, there is a difficult moment, but she is strong. Afterwards, there will be a lack, and that we cannot measure it”had confided his mother Natty in an interview with Gala in September 2021 after the death of Bébel.

As a birthday present and to try to digest this first year without her father, the young woman took advantage of a sumptuous trip to Bali in Indonesia with her mother Natty. After Ibiza (Spain) last July, Jean-Paul Belmondo’s youngest is continuing her world tour. This Sunday, August 21, the young Stella shared on Instagram some photos of her dream stay in Bali. She appears there smiling and relaxed with a white tank top. Difficult on the other hand to see the outfit she wears downstairs but in view of her raised left leg, we can imagine that it is a skirt or shorts. “These holidays look superb. Kisses. Friendships”, has also commented on a certain Joalukas Noah, one of the faithful friends of the 19-year-old young woman, who was present at her birthday on June 10. In any case, these photos prove that life goes on for Stella Belmondo!

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