“Star-fuckeuse”, “brainless” … Hélène Devynck, accuser of Patrick Poivre d’Arvor violently attacked


By deciding to speak openly on the cover of Release in November 2021, Hélène Devynck allowed, with other courageous women, to take another look at the PPDA affair. The former TF1 JT star was openly denounced as a terrible sexual predator by several people from different backgrounds, relaying the word of the writer Florence Porcel who was the first to file a complaint against him. But in choosing to speak out, they have also received a flood of attacks. Hélène Devynck, former journalist, has signed a book-investigation Impunity of which she speaks in the columns of Parisian. A book she wrote after receiving a flood of attacks.

The Parisian met this woman who dared to take it out, along with other “sisters of misery“, to the most influential man of the PAF. Patrick Poivre d’Arvor was, only a few months ago, a French icon, whom everyone watched daily in his living room for years. So when she explained to do part, like Florence Porcel, of the victims of this influential journalist and presenter, she will be accused of being “semi-consenting“. The qualifiers she receives say a lot about the difficulty of changing the look: “not a white goose“, “star-fuckeuse” Where “brainless“…Being feminine was enough to discredit her word.

Hélène Devynck’s book reveals a…

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