Special event: Apple confirms the date of September 7

It’s confirmation week. After announcing that iPad OS would be late this year, Apple has just announced in the press that it will organize a special event on September 7th. As always, you can follow it on our special site lekeynote.fr from 7 p.m. The event will be recorded and broadcast on the Apple site. However, as at WWDC, Apple will welcome journalists on site in order to be able to present its new products to them.

If the image of the card will surely lend itself to interpretations, the name of the event Far Out which will be translated by Lointain, will undoubtedly have the merit of making people talk. Some already dream of a super zoom on the iPhone. Apple was quick to get the message across on social media. In order to make people talk, Apple even released an easter tag. Go to the Apple Events page with your iPhone or iPad, and you’ll get a little augmented reality experience by tapping on the apple.

Of course, it is expected that on this occasion, Tim Cook will present the new iPhone 14 and the Apple Watch Series 8. As always, details have leaked in recent months and it will be interesting to see how Apple will be able to surprise us This year.

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iPhone 14: more pronounced differences between the ranges

When it comes to the iPhone 14, two things will be particularly interesting to follow. The differences between the standard models and the Pro models will a priori be more marked. The Pro models are expected to be the only ones with an always-on display and a new system-on-chip.

iPhone 14, the point on the rumors of

iPhone 14, the point on the rumors of a very segmented range

A more frank difference which should allow Apple to increase its prices on its Pro range. But the big attraction should be this iPhone 14 Max. After the failure of the iPhone mini, Apple will offer a big brother to its basic model. This may be Apple’s anti-inflation remedy!

Apple Watch: a model for the pros

The other attraction of this keynote should be the Apple Watch. As much as we were unsatisfied last year, things could be interesting this year. Apple is thinking of remodeling its top-of-the-range model in order to satisfy the most demanding users and more particularly sportsmen.

After a move upmarket on the software level with novelties that we no longer hoped for and the surprise support for power, Apple must tackle the hardware. And if Apple wants to rub shoulders with Garmin, Polar and other Coros, it will have to offer a model that is certainly more resistant, but above all with an autonomy that can be counted in days. That makes your mouth water, but the price will be, it seems, quite spicy!

Big screen and big battery for the

Big screen and big battery for the “Extreme Sports” Apple Watch, according to Mark Gurman

Already wallpapers!

While waiting to find out what Apple has in store for us, Basic Apple Guy has already hit on social networks! It already offers wallpapers adapted to Apple’s invitation card. Three formats are available: Mac, iPad and iPhone.

Coming back to the keynote, one last unknown remains: will the AirPods Pro 2 be the icing on the cake of this event? Remember that the rumors announce almost with certainty a second event in October which this time will be devoted to the Mac and the iPad!

Keynote, iPhone 14, Apple Watch Series 8: what schedule for Apple's new products?

Keynote, iPhone 14, Apple Watch Series 8: what schedule for Apple’s new products?


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