Sophie Marceau: First photo of her daughter Juliette unveiled, at 20 the pretty blonde has the charming look of her mother!

Sophie Marceau has always preserved her private life, whether it’s her romantic relationships, but especially her children. And if Vincent Żuławski, son she had with Andrzej Żuławski, is present on Instagram, although he is not very active there, her daughter Juliette Lemley, fruit of her past love with Jim Lemley, is simply absent. . So that she celebrated her 20th birthday on June 13, the young woman never appeared, no photo of her being available. But this Friday, August 26, it’s good the first snapshot of Sophie Marceau’s daughter which has been unveiled.

It was Vincent Żuławski, his brother, who shared a beautiful photo of them, accomplices, in the story of his Instagram account. “When in Switzerland… Juliette Lemley“, writes the one who has gone through difficult times, in particular a painful depression. The opportunity to see that Juliette Lemley has clear eyes, a form of charming and mysterious gaze which is reminiscent of that of her illustrious mother. On the photo of her Instagram profile – private -, she appeared brunette a few years ago and on this first photo, it is a pretty blonde that we see.

Juliette looks like the one I was when I was little

If Sophie Marceau had mentioned the look tomboy of her daughter, in a rare interview about her daughter, Juliette Lemley appears on this unpublished shot in a lovely yellow dress. It is in the columns of Paris Match, that the 55-year-old actress, currently in a relationship with Richard Caillat, a discreet producer, has agreed to make some secrets about Juliette. “Juliette looks like the one I was when I was little“, she said. The young woman never made a wave, thus never attracting any media coverage, unlike her half-brother Vincent. Always discreet, she focused about his future and his studies. Which still didn’t stop his mother from worrying.”That’s the whole problem of being a parent: you want to protect them while knowing that pain and doubts are necessary to grow. The important thing is that we are there and that they know that they can count on us“, Sophie Marceau told the magazine SHE in 2017.

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